Energy Storage Solution
        Residential PV On-grid Solution
        Commercial PV On-grid Solution
        Energy Storage Case
        Residential Case
        20kW, Northeast,China
        20kW, Haiti
        30kW, East Europe countries
        10kW, India
        8kW, Yunnan province, China
         30kW, tai Po district, He Nan, China
        Commercial Case
        80kW, Linyi Logistics Park of Shandong Energy Group, China
        60kW, Jiangxi,China
        60kW, Pakistan
        70kW, Zhuhai, China
        80kW,Shangqiu City, Henan Province, China
        80kW, Dongguan, Guangdong
    Hybrid Inverters
    Residential On-grid Inverters
    Commercial On-grid Inverters
        WiFi logger
        Single Phase Smart Meter
        Anti-backflow Current Transformer
        Three Phase Smart Meter
    Monitoring system
        WiFi Configuration And Accessories Class
        Operations Manual
    Service Outlets
    Company Profile
        Exhibition Activities
        INHENERGY Showed Up at the 30th Enlit Europe
        INHENERGY Showed Up at the Power & Electricity And Solar Show Africa 2022
        INHENERGY Showed Up Brilliantly at the Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022
        INHENERGY Will Bring New Products to The Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022
        INHENERGY Showed Up on 10th Solar Pakistan Expo
        INHENERGY Showed Up Brilliantly at The Intersolar India
        Annual Achievements Review Of INHENERGY | Endeavoring 2022
        Gearing Up丨2023 INHENERGY Global Exhibition Tour
         Genera 2023 - INHENERGY Residential Energy Storage Products and Solutions Were Showcased in Spain
        Solar Pakistan 2023 - INHENERGY Explores the Pakistan Solar Market
        KEYENERGY 2023 - INHENERGY Witnessed a Bright Future for the Solar Market in Italy
        The Solar Show Africa 2023 - Inhenergy Showcased the Latest Technological Achievements
        The Solar Show Africa 2023 - Inhenergy Showcased the Latest Technological Achievements
        The Solar Show Africa 2023 - Inhenergy Showcased the Latest Technological Achievements
        SNEC2023 - Inhenergy Powering the Energy Transition
        Intersolar Europe 2023 - Inhenergy Sparks the Energy Storage's Future
         Intersolar South America 2023 - Inhenergy Explore the Energy's Future in Brazil
        Solar & Storage Live 2023 - Inhenergy Starts a Smart Green Life in England
        Inhenergy Illuminates Solar Pakistan 2024
        Inhenergy Sparks Key Energy 2024
        The Capping Ceremony of INHE Electric Power Research Institute Building Held Successfully
        NI-5048M-HF Off-grid Inverters Shipped to Africa
        The "Inhe Figure" in West Africa
        Inhe Was Invited to Attend the China-South Africa Investment and Trade Roundtable
        Good News! Inhe Group Won the State Grid Project
        Inhe Makes New Success in Large Smart AMI Projec
        Build Dream in the China Great Bay Area ! The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Inhe Electric Power Researc
        INHEMETER Launches Global Collaboration to the UN 75th Anniversary
        The "20 cents" Electricity Price Strategy Of SPIC
        Household Photovoltaic Must Have Subsidies To Install ? Guangdong Enterprises Say No!
        Only 142.9MW Of Photovoltaic Subsidies Indicators Is Left For Household Use
        Four steps to improve the power generation efficiency of your photovoltaic power plant
        Unlock Three Energy Solutions to Light Up Your Life
        Inhenergy's Half-Year News in 2023: Stay True to Our Original Aspirations and Work Hard
        Inhenergy Won the Certification of "Specialized, Special and New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
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