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Commercial On-grid Inverters

SI 70~80K

  • 70~80kW
  • 4MPPTs
  • Three Phase

Technical Parameters

Inhenergy SI 70-80KW SERIES products are widely used in distributed and ground power plant projects such as industrial and commercial rooftops, mountainous hills, agriculture, and fishery complimentary light. The 4-MPPT, equipped with a self-developed MPPT algorithm, has a conversion efficiency of up to 99%, further improving power generation and investment returns. Diversified communication methods to meet the communication access needs of different customers.

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    OLED display, touch button design, simple operation

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    Maximum efficiency 99%, dual MPPT, more power generation

  • guangfuban-498.png

    130% DC over configuration, 110% AC overload output

  • shouyeshangyongjiejuefangangaoxiaofadian-626.png

    Wide PV voltage range

  • 65-354.png

    IP65 protection level, built-in SPD protection device

  • shouji-980.png

    Intelligent remote monitoring

  • shouyechunengjiejuefanganjiandanyiyong-450.png

    Support anti-backflow function

  • AFCI-89.png

    Support AFCI function

Technical Data
Technical DataSI 70K  S1 80K
Input Data

Max. DC input power85000W100000W
Max. DC input voltage1100V1100V
Operation voltage range200V-1000V200V-1000V
Number of independent MPPT/strings per MPPT4/34/4
MPPT max. Current39A*452A*4
AC Output Data

Rated output power70000W80000W
Max. output power77000W88000W
Rated output voltage400V/320V-480V400V/320V-480V
Rated output frequency50Hz,60Hz/±5Hz50Hz,60Hz/±5Hz
Rated output current101A115A
Max. output current111A128A
Power factor-0.8~+0.8(adjustable)-0.8~+0.8(adjustable)
THDi<3%(Nominal Output)<3%(Nominal Output)
Grid system pattern3W+N+PE3W+N+PE

Max. efficiency99%99%
Europe efficiency98.5%98.5%

Input DC switchYesYes
Input over current protectionYesYes
DC reverse polarity protectionYesYes
Output over voltage protectionYesYes
Output over current protectionYesYes
Anti islanding protectionYesYes
AC surge protectionYesYes
DC surge protectionYesYes
Insulation impedance protectionYesYes
RCD detectionYesYes
String MonitoringOptionalOptional
General Data

Dimensions(L/W/H)in mm690/296/640690/296/640
Operation temperature range-25℃~+60℃-25℃~+60℃
Heat dissipation modeSmart coolingSmart cooling
IP ClassIP 65IP 65
Maximum altitude4000m4000m
Self-Consumption night<1w<1w

LCD displayYesYes
Communication interfaceWIFI/GPRS/RS485WIFI/GPRS/RS485
Warranty5 years (standard)/20 years(optional)5 years (standard)/20 years(optional)