Household Photovoltaic Must Have Subsidies To Install ? Guangdong Enterprises Say No!


After the release of subsidy quota policy for household photovoltaic projects in 2020, fierce discussions have been triggered among household photovoltaic practitioners. Li Chao (pseudonym), the market leader of a distributed development enterprise in guangdong, raised a question: must household pv be subsidized to install?

Before, everyone regarded pv as a financial wealth management product, obtaining benefits through state subsidies and hoping to recover costs in the shortest possible time. But in Li Chao's eyes, the main role of the photovoltaic system is to insulate and cool the roof, slow down the aging rate of the roof, and save the second and third step electricity costs. In this regard, li chao pointed out that the market needs to be cultivated, just as in the development of distributed industrial and commercial projects, people are accustomed to calculate the benefits of electricity saving without considering subsidies. In fact, this method is also applicable in the household field. Instead of using a "subsidy" as the main benefit factor, it can be a bonus.

At the same time, Li Chao also proposed that local governments could offer incentives to enterprises and individuals who install photovoltaic products according to their actual conditions, such as tax relief and other preferential terms. Although in the short term, this will have a certain impact on local fiscal revenue, it can greatly increase employment opportunities and improve the ecological environment.

There are certain preconditions for the development of unsubsidized household pv in guangdong, such as small scale of individual units, high proportion of self-use, high electricity price, high household income level and so on. These conditions may not be fully replicated elsewhere, but photovoltaic subsidies are a big trend, and households are no exception. We need to be aware of potential dangers, change the minds of our users as soon as possible, and let the people accept the new situation that may not be subsidized in the future. At the same time, make good use of the last year when there is still state subsidy, so that more residents can enjoy low-carbon and green renewable energy, so that photovoltaic power can reach thousands of households.

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