The "20 cents" Electricity Price Strategy Of SPIC


Relying on technological progress to build a new modern energy system in China

2019 marks the fifth anniversary of the new energy security strategy of "Four Revolutions and One Cooperation". "Promoting Two Transformations With Green Electricity At The Core" has become a major symbol of the new modern energy system. For a long time, China's energy consumption structure and energy resources have been deepening the phenomenon of external dependence, to China's energy security brought hidden dangers, is China's energy field is facing a major challenge. To realize leapfrog development, we must accelerate the construction of a new modern energy system in China.

Explore the path of constructing new modern energy system in China

We will deepen the revolution in energy supply, explore the strategy of replacing fossil energy with the "20 cents" electricity price (0.2 yuan/KWH) for new energy sources on the supply side, and promote the construction of a new and modern energy system.

1、Explore "20 cents" Valley Electric Heating and Cooling Strategy

2、Explore "20 cents" Valley Electricity Green Transportation Strategy

We will deepen the energy technology revolution and accelerate the development of a new and modern energy system. With green and low carbon as the direction, we will effectively integrate various energy forms on the supply side and the demand side, promote technological innovation, industrial innovation and business model innovation, and build a new and modern energy system.

We will advance the revolution in the energy system and accelerate the reform of the system and mechanism of peak and valley electricity prices. We will introduce policies to improve the mechanism for adjusting peak and valley electricity prices on the supply side and the consumption side, continue to optimize and integrate various systems and resources, coordinate supply and demand with large-scale renewable energy, and accelerate the building of a new and modern energy system in China.

We will deepen international cooperation on energy and take an active part in global energy governance. Deepen One Belt And One Road energy cooperation to drive China's new energy and related industries to "go global"; At the same time, we will continue to deepen the reform of peak and valley price differential, and work with the international community to promote high-quality energy development, so as to achieve common development for the people of the world and provide Chinese wisdom and solutions.

The prospect of new and modern energy system in the future

General Secretary Xi Jinping has put forward a new strategy for energy security, which points out the direction for comprehensively accelerating the construction of a new and modern energy system. 

"Green Electricity As The Core, To Achieve Two Changes" is an important symbol of the new modern energy system, energy supply, consumption "20 Cents" strategy is one of the key paths. By the end of the 15th Five-year plan, non-fossil energy will account for more than 25% of the total energy consumption, up from 14% now. The Mongolian plateau and the qinghai-tibet plateau will become China's main energy security bases, and the development of the east and west will be more coordinated.

Electric energy and hydrogen energy will gradually become the mainstream alternative energy for transportation, cooling and heating. By then, the replacement rate of electric energy and hydrogen energy in major cities is expected to exceed 30%, which will become the main service mode of citizens' high-quality life.

In the near future, wind-solar power will be the world's main source of energy, and cheap enough clean electricity to desalinate seawater on a large scale and turn the gobi desert into fertile farmland instead of the traditional "coal fields, oil fields and gas fields".

Looking forward to the future, the energy and power industry should speed up the construction of a new modern energy system in China with "Green Power As The Core and Two Transformations As The Symbols", and welcome the arrival of a new era of energy revolution!

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