The "Inhe Figure" in West Africa


On a hot summer afternoon in Country A, Inhe staff stationed in West Africa were heading to the site to conduct meter data collection and inspection as well as routine maintenance. Since the government of country A accelerated the construction of power infrastructure, the products and software from Inhe have been operating stably for 8 years, with regular routine inspections and maintenance every year to ensure the safe and stable operation of power equipment. 

Upon arrival at the site, the Inhe staff immediately began to check the safety of the site. At this time, the outdoor temperature in Country A was close to 45 degrees, with a wave of heat and sweat soaking through the work clothes. With the cooperation of the power company personnel, the Inhe team were working under the scorching sun. Due to the difficult environment for data collection and inspection, the Inhe technical support staff climbed up the railings baked by high temperature to collect data directly, and the regional sales director Mr.Zheng assisted with the inspection work... Resorting to rich technical experience, the data collection and inspection work was completed in just half an hour. "Your operation is very standardized and efficient." The personnel of the power company gave a thumbs-up and commented.


"There are N small signs before an accident, and each inspection and maintenance is to find the signs. It is our duty to prevent in advance and ensure the safety of power.." Mr.Zheng said. This is how Inhe people use the most simple actions to fulfill the promise, guarding every inch of light in country A.

Inhe has been recognized by the power company of Country A for its high quality service level and professional team. At present, Inhe has customized a series of smart metering solutions for its power company and successfully deployed a comprehensive power service cloud platform, with a market share of over 90%. In the future, Inhe will take "Build Smart Grid Together" as its mission, insist on R&D innovation, develop and participate in the broader field of smart grid in country A with the most secure and stable advanced technology, and help it achieve power and energy independence while driving its economic development, social stability and improvement of people's living standard, and implement China's "The Belt and Road Initiatives" policy with practical actions.


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